Problem using multiple recorder

i have nero ultra edition installed in win xp professional OS. i have 2 dvd writers both benq DW1640 @ BSLB. the problem is when i try to burn nero .nrg dvd image using multiple recorder option it gives me error cannot write compilation to selected recorders simultaneously.
i can write to single dvd recorder without problem. and

when i try to burn nero .nrg cd image i can write perfectly using multiple recorder option to both the writers.

any idea how to solve this problem

@ hiren
Any chance your burners are on the same IDE channel? Are your DMA the same for both drives? Is the source HDD on one of the burners IDE channels? I don’t know if it would make a difference, they are just the only things I can think of.
I also have 2 BenQ burners (the ‘Twins’) and I have them set up as masters on separate IDE channels. I burn simultaneously all the time at 8X with no problem from my SATA source HDD.

same as you please my hdd on sata and both burners are on different ide channel as master and connected to 80pin cable. win xp shows both as dma mode 2.

@ hiren
Hmmm, is there any other info given with the error message? Is there a burn log that has the message?
I have no sure-fire fixes but you can try a few things.
I might try to reinstall Nero or delete the BenQs from within device manager then restating winXP and let it reinstall them
Also uninstall/reinstall Nero and/or uninstall any other program.

Keep usposted with your progress

my nero infotool shows nero aspi ok. but system aspi corrupted.
how to solve this problem?

Nero just works well to CDRW, not DVDRW

What does this mean?

Thousands of users happily burn convert video file to DVD & burn without any problems.


You needn’t worry about the system Aspi as Nero uses it’s own & there aren’t many other apps that will use it.
However, if you get forceaspi 1.8 & run that the Aspi problem should be cleared. A google search will find the sources of thsi.

Also have you tried creating ISO images instead of nrgs & burning those.

I used DVDRW to check disks. It always shows “unsupported function”