Problem using Laserlok protected images

I’m an old and satisfied user of Virtual CDRom and CloneCD and always wonderd why those two programs couldn’t be combined. Well, there is Alcohol 120%.

Unfortunately I’m still not able to create an image of a cdrom (originals of course) (more in specific Laserlok protected ones) and use them from the Virtual CD Drive that Alcohol created. I’ve got two programs with Laserlock protection and both require verification from the original cd-rom. Neither of the programs recognize the newly created image as the original cd-rom.

  • I used Alcohol 120% 1.4.1 with the “Laserlock settings” (Win2k Pro) to create the images on a Plextor PX-40TS SCSI CDRom player at maximum speed.
  • ClonyXL and Clony both recognize the image inserted as Laserlock protected.
  • Emulation enabled e.g.: Ignore Media Type; RMPS; BAD sectors; Sub-Channel; Laserlock.

Are there settings I’ve overlooked? Does anyone have suggestions to get these programs to work.