Problem using IE7 in several sites


i have some problems IE7 causes

youtube: whenever i move the mouse over the comments, the comments moves to the oposite side (in my language i read from right to left)

and they get under the “suggested video” line…

google: the clicked search results arent been saved, means if i click some site and move another page and come back , it’s if i never checked these entries …

facebook: the screen goes out of sync if i logout (black like restart)
sometimes it even happen when i only load the main facebook page

its some wired problems which i only face lately , i do have firefox 4 as alternative but i like and prefer IE7 , (i dont update to IE8 because some problems)

thx 4 helpers

IE 7 is getting pretty old now. I assume you are using Windows XP, since you haven’t mentioned IE9 at all.

You should try out Chrome as another alternative.

But I don’t have specific solutions for the problems you mentioned…sorry.

Many Websites that still support IE7 are phasing out that support
Like they did when they dropped support for IE6 several years ago.

I suggest try IE8 again, because things aren’t gping to get better using IE7

All the problems I ever saw with IE8 were “learning curve” while switching
from IE7 OR on older websites that hadn’t been updated for it.
That last problem is long gone by now…

BTW, the OP Must be running XP because IE7 won’t run in Windows2000.
that is what originally forced me to upgrade from Win2k, because support had been dropped for IE6.x


I would use IE8 for now. If you’ve used IE7 before, IE8 is easy to get use to. Or, just install Windows 7 and get IE9 :wink: lol also, I’ve heard of IE8 causing issues when you get it from Windows update. Manually install it from microsofts website. It works better. :slight_smile:

IE9 still has some minor issues, but I use IE9 anyway.

I don’t necissarily want to use IE9, personally I prefer IE8, but IE9 does have some features that are growing on me, mainly it’s just about getting used to it. I aso use it because it’s far better that I know the issues personally when some user comes to me with a problem… then I can identify it as an actual IE9 issue or an issue that’s just being blammed on IE9.

Frankly as for IE8 Vs IE7? I went to IE7 from IE6 and though I never liked IE6 either, I disliked FF more, “Chrome” and the others simply weren’t an issue at the time because they didn’t exsist.

the first time I tried IE8 I developed an instant passionate hatred for IE7.

So on the typical five (XP or Vista) computers I run setup on in a given week the first thing I do after I get the computer to go online is to upgrade the browser from IE7 to IE8.

One of the things I dislike about IE9 is the way it handles downloading pictures.

IE8 is the way to go :iagree: as far as IE9 after trying it I removed it the same day :Z:Z

IE8 is what your limited to on XP and will not be able to use IE9 on XP. M$ says so. I got IE9 and the interface does look funky but I gotten used to it so I will keep it. Just like FF4 had to get used to the look of it but it takes time. :iagree: I tell users if you want IE8 or IE9 download them and do the install manually as the M$ updates seems to mess up more then what it fixes. I had two people tell me the windows update of IE8 to IE9 messed up the browser to open pixs and now show pixs correctly.

[QUOTE=FreakYa;2586560]but i like and prefer IE7 , (i dont update to IE8 because some problems)[/QUOTE] What kind of problems?

IE7 should be working fine as well though. Can you reset IE7 its default settings?