Problem Using Dvdfab Split Function

I have a problem that popped it’s head up several versions ago and that I’ve been stuck with ever since. Every time I use the “split” function in DVDFAB, my DVDs are unreadable on a normal set top box (DENON 1930). The DVD menu loads up and if I select “play movie” it goes into an endless loop playing all the copyright warnings. Same thing happens if I try to jump directly to a scene using the chapter selection menu.
These same DVDs however, work fine on a PC.
I have tried everything including replacing my DVD burner and drive, reformatting my PC but the problem remains.
I then downloaded a fully functional trial version of CLONEDVD4 - and tried burning a DVD using the “split” function and it works absolutely fine on my Denon player…
Does anyone have any ideas? Am I missing something out in the parameters?