Problem using CloneDVD

I am using CloneDVD on a memorex lightscribe DVD. When I try to copy the files, I get about 80 to 85% of the way done, then get an error message “media write error”. Clicking on “details” gives me this: WriteDVD 10 11 W2.

I have tried it three times, and gotten the same error each time. I tried using copy DVD titles (instead of Clone DVD) and it worked okay, although I didn’t get menus and such (I got just the movie).

Is it likely that three disks gave the same error message? Is there something else wrong? I am using a Liteon model 165H6S, the firmware has been updated. I am about to try burning it on different media to see if that works.



Trying different media is definitely a good idea, as Memorex aren’t the best quality.

Let us know if you find a “good” media :slight_smile:

As Arachne said (well, almost said…she suffers from being “pc”… :bigsmile: , memorex are crappy, no offense. While you may get lucky, you will definitely get unlucky, maybe even in the same spindle.

I have the same drive and it’ll burn almost anything. Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are your best bet and the favorites here at cdf. Your litey will love them.

Well, it burned fine on a memorex DVD-R, so I guess it WAS the media. Damn. I guess I will just have to try to find some better, yet not too expensive Lightscribe DVD’s.


you can also take a can of air and blow of the disk I have found even with good disk that sometimes they have small particles on them that can cause this error. Even with TY disk I have had some that blowing off the disk to remove the particles would make the disk work. In my case I can watch the disk and if it takes a long time during the setup and erasing and the first time it come up with writing before it shows a time, I could restart my computer take the disk out and blow them off then they work fine. I know look at the record side before I try to burn and if I see any particles on them I use the air had no more problems. But there right never never never Memorex