Problem using CD-RW with my 716A


I have a Plextor PX-716A that have worked very well for me during the years. However now its starting to act up. I can burn CD-R and DVD+/-R without problems (havnt testated DVD-RW lately). But when i try to burn CD-RW the drive takes forever to do the burn and keep spinning up and down all the time. Same thing happens when i erase a disc. This happens both when using Plextools and Nero 7. Once the disc is burned if i ever wait that long its very hard for the drive to read it seems. Ive never gotten an error but rather that the burn never finish and cant be aborted.

I have the latest firmware 1.11 in the drive (updated when it didnt work, thought it might help). Im using microsoft IDE drivers and a brand new IDE cable.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong or what i might try to get it working again.