Problem using CD/DVD drive (Emachines)

Hi all,
I was able to play DVDs and CD till some time back the DVD drive stops recognizing CD or DVD and gives message “Please Insert a disk into drive D” for all DVDs or CDs.
Just to give you a background of the PC I have at home

I have a E-Machine PC, T2682, Windows XP 2002, SP2.
When I go to the Device Manager, I see two drives under it

  1. JLMS XJ-HD166S &
  2. SAMSUOG! CE-S/SW!SW-349F!

I have a DVD drive and a CD drive on my PC. In device manager when I right click on the individual drives (1 and 2 above), The device status shows message “The device is working properly” for both devices.
I also went to windows registry and removed the upper filter and lower filter and tried re-boot. All my attempts so far have failed,

I am newbee and this my first PC. Greatly appreciate you help in advance. Please advise