Problem Using Binflash on Mac



This is a pretty basic question but I’m new to this. I downloaded the Mac OSX Binflash, unzipped the tar file and opened the terminal windows by clicking on ‘necflash’ file. But this is what I get:

Last login: Fri Oct 15 08:43:00 on ttys000
necflash -scan ; exit;
William-Choongs-Mac-mini:~ williamchoong$ necflash -scan ; exit;
-bash: necflash: command not found

[Process completed]

Can someone help pls? Apologies if this sounds too rudimentary!

I’m using a Optirac AD-5680H on a Mac Mini (mid-2010). Thanks.


ok this is how I got Binflash commands to work:

Dump firmware:
/Users/williamchoong/Downloads/necflash -dump -v 3AHB.bin A:

To flash firmware:
/Users/williamchoong/Downloads/necflash -flash -v 3ahb_auto.bin A:

This is what I got:

"Identified drive: 138 - 3035
Detected drive from Firmware: -1

Supplied file does not contain a valid firmware

I checked that I got the right firmware, and the file destinations, but still it says the supplied file does not contain valid firmware … any suggestions? Thanks!


Binflash seems to detect your drive just fine, however the firmware file you provided was not valid.
Please run the command “md5 3ahb_auto.bin” and verify if the output contains the text "ac293eb410891a6730b6dd5ad17e3169"
If this is not the case, then your firmware download is probably corrupted.