Problem using actual Liteon Machine- Not Computer

Hi I have had a liteon vcr/dvd combo for about 9 months. I have transferred a lot of my VHS tapes to DVD successfully. However a few of my tapes that are in excellent quality have strange symptoms where bars flash across the screen or there is skipping. I am trying to describe it as best I can. This is very annoying. I was wondering if there is a way to get around this and get rid of these strange symptoms not on the tapes. Please help guide me and let me know why this happens and how to solve it. I do not understand complex terms and much about this type of technology stuff, so please be simple when explaining things to me.

I use memorex discs too but that don’t really make a difference. Any other qjestions let me know. Does adjusting the tint or any of that stuff help. Anyone who knows stuff or experienced symptoms like this let me know.

I have an LVC9016G.

Any other info you need or any advice let me know.

Thanks for not helping guys.

I don’t know if this will help but could it be caused by the microvision copy protection? I had some trouble with my home VHS tapes coping so I bought a SIMA digital video duplicator to hook up between my VSH player and DVD recorder. No more problems. The only thing is you will need a stand alone VHS player to do this. Hope this helps you.

This is not copy protected. It was a tape I bought from someone. It is the WWF Prime Time Wrestling show which aired in 1989. A few of my tapes have had these symptoms but usually my friends laptop method works and this time it did not. Anyways I mailed my tape to a guy in NY, I hope he gets it to work. The copy protected tapes just stop recording and a message pops up saying copy protected. Any other advice let me know. And if you can tell me how much this SIMA thing is, where I can get info on it and where I can purchase it let me know.

Try BEST-BUY. It is about $100. that is the only place I know of for sure. If you are only going to use it for VHS tapes try this one. and look for digital video stabilizer. It is MCM Electronics part no. 80-4280 and it only costs $19.99. Hope this helped.

I’m a rookie and have no idea what this technology is. I wish someone lived in NJ in Bergen County and could come to my house and help me.

I have a couple of questions. How did your friend make out with the tape? Will this wrestling tape play in any other VHS players? Do you have a stand alone VHS player?

I just read your posts again. You stated that this was a WWF event that you bought from someone? It must be copy protected if it is an origional!! If not! You are on your own I want no part of breaking the copy right laws!!!