Problem updating Benq DW822a Plus Firmware

I dowloaded the B3JCY firmware update that lets you burn double layer discs.
However when it’s starts to update teh firmware I recieve an error to try and restart my computer and close all programs.
I’vce tried this many times but no success.

Here’s the updater log:

Linear Check Sum = 4B6A 4B6A
Rotated Check Sum = E3EC E3EC
Check Sum match !!
Start to swtich…
Don’t turn off the power!!

======== FAIL ========

If possible, flash in windows safe mode in the future.

However, due to a failed flash, you need to recover the drive from the damage.
Recovery is done by forcing any compatible firmware onto the drive using a DOS startup floppy disc and a DOS-based flasher. Create a startup disc, download DOS flasher software plus a compatible firmware and put these onto the startup disc. Download directions for the operation of the DOS based flasher software. Power off the computer and then start it up using the startup disc. If necessary, configure the motherboards bios to allow starting up with a floppy disc. Force factory standard firmware onto the optical drive.

Whoah! Stop. I wrote this in the wrong order. First, diagnose basic connectivity issues:
Is the drive master of the secondary IDE channel alone on a good quality IDE cable?
Is the motherboard set to auto detect with auto type the master of secondary IDE so that it will load full support?
If there was previously a different optical drive installed as master of secondary IDE, you may need to reset the motherboard’s CMOS so that it will recognize correct parameters of the BenQ drive.
Rarely, with an older motherboard, you will have to force UDMA=OFF using bios settings or by setting master of secondary IDE=none (this is a rare need and certainly not the first thing to try).

With connectivity issues out of the way and factory standard firmware forced onto the drive, it is now in an “known good” condition and ready to retry the upgrade. Furiously tap the F8 key during computer startup and direct it into “Safe Mode” before using the windows based upgrade flasher.

If you’re lucky, firmware B3JCY will be available to flash onto the drive in DOS mode and you can skip a few steps. However, this will cause permanent damage (drive=trash) if DOS mode flashing is done while connectivity issues are present.

Best of luck!

Could you make your comment understandable for beginners :slight_smile: .
I have the same problem trying to flashback my drive from B3LC to an earlier firmware version cause I have probllem with DVD-R 4x using this last B3LC.

So it will be helpfull if you can explain again the procedure in a very easy language.
Thanks in advance

I solved it.

Turns out I first had to update it to B3JC and then B3JCY-2.
Works like a charm now. :slight_smile:

BTW isn’t B3JCY-2 the latest available, I haven’t seen B3LC listed on the benq website …

You probably got a bad flash when going from your previous firmware to B3LC.

My 1620 is always such a pest whenever I flash it. Last time, it 11 tries before it would work correctly with its latest firmware. My computer was interfering with the flash process (lightening protection power supply is a bit too weak and makes interference noise when it is too hot). Fault was computer, not firmware. This is a “connectivity issue”. And, any of this can make any optical drive behave badly. I plan to repair the computer before I update my writer drive again. :wink: Once I got the new firmware onto the drive. . .completely. . .I really do like it now.

With the error you posted, the most important thing is to get ANY 822 firmware to flash correctly onto the drive. . .in any way you can. I’ll send you a Dos flasher by E-mail. You can use it plus a 3.5" disk so that Microsoft Windows does not have a chance to interfere with the upgrade process.

My post above gave some pointers in diagnosing connectivity issues so that your firmware upgrades will succeed. This involves making sure that the drive is installed in a correct, healthy way so that it can fully communicate with the computer.
You do not have connectivity issues if your drive was working reasonably well in writing to media (before the upgrade).

Best of luck!