Problem updating 1008im

Hi, I’ve had a BTC 1008IM ver 0055 (Pacific Digital relabeled) for a couple of months and recently started having problems burning dvd’s.

I’m running XP pro (sp1) with an nf7-s mobo with my hd on sata and the 1008 as the sacondary master.

I’ve been following the posts here and have been in working with the liveupdate people. My main problem right now is trying to do updates in windows. I can’t select any drives in the “target drive” window to be able to update.

One of my problem was the Dma settings but that was corrected with no fix. I have been able to a dos flash but thats only to 0055. I’ve seen others with this same problem and still cannot correct the problem.

Where can you get the 0059 update for dos or does anyone have any suggestions.

Thanks ahead languna

(Just a note , I took my unit apart and found that the laser was hitting and binding on an IC on the board above it (covered by tape). I stuck a couple of pieces of tape under the board to raise it up and not bind.)

I can suggest you to try the 0059 for the IDE drivers. I have a 1008IB (IDE) which can be updated only with the firmware version for the 1008IM. For me the problem it’s the software of the firmware, it isn’t too advanced to recongnise the different motherboard and the different kinf of controllers.
With my controller RAID I can do an update of my firmware only in this way.
Good luck!

Ive tried about 5 differenrt firmwares for the 1008im, The one through liveupdate (0059), the offical through btc and pacific digital. I just took my hard drive off sata (just in case) and rolled back my ide drivers to the signed version.

Maybe this is the problem, try the others version of the firmware 0059, not only those for the 1008IM but all versions for the 1008 family. I hope you find your way to solve this problem. Bye

Hi languna,

you´ve a motherboard with nforce chipset, have you also installed the nforce ide drivers? if yes uninstall them and try to update the firmware.

this should work for you.


OK, I tried to just “roll” the ide drivers to the signed version using the “update driver” iI’ll try to uninstall them. thx

Thats it, I give up! It just won’t update in windows. If anyone has a way to update (link or directions) through dos to ver 0059 I’d appreciate it.

you kow I just realized that I have two other computers that I could put my Btc on and update on them (duh).
Thanks for everones help.