Problem: update LDW-451S to 832S with VS08

i updated my LDW-451S with the VS08 firmware update and 1st i looked that everything worked fine. But nero info tool shows that it still does not work with DVD +R DL. Hope somebody can help me 2 fix it.
The “CY58 - patcht” i installed 2.
greetz Dario

Um…there’s a check mark next to the DVD+R DL entry, which shows support for it. However, I don’t believe the 4x1S/8x2S series ever suppported DVD-R DL.

Right, as indicated by the checkbox right to DVD-R DL. Looks like the text-checkbox distance confused you, too :slight_smile:

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Did you reboot after flashing and then check? Or is this after reboot?

Nero Infotool shows that DVD +R DL is supported. There is nothing to fix, so a reboot can not solve the non existing problem :slight_smile:

It’s not showing the correct firmware… and yes i already saw that.

Nero Info Tool is far from perfect as it reports info on some of my drives incorrectly :rolleyes: I never use it anymore.