Problem Turning on PC



Hi, Ive got a problem switching on my computer - when i hit the start switch on the front control panel i just get a green light, if i hold it in for 5 secs it the light goes off after a couple of times doing this it finally starts - but is very iritating. The computer works fine once started and ive no low power issues - i think its a switching problem but what :confused:
Can anyone help


Could be a powersupply or motherboard issue. Swap powersupply. If problem persists, then you have a MB issue. The switch is fine.


I thought it was a mobo issue myself - the mobo is a asrock k7vt6 - wonder if they are poor make??


Have you recently installed any new hardware. This happened when I put a new Graphics Card into mine.


the psu is new - tagan 420
9800pro to xt flashed graphics card + arctic cooler
new firewire pci card


It can be a wide variety of things. Maybe you should check your CPU’s cooling; it may be a thermal protection that shuts down the system. Doesn’t have to be, but surely can be…


Is any of you hardware overclocked? If i have my CPU overclocked, my system sometimes it stropy bout turning on.



This is very easy to trouble shoot if you know a little about your computer. On the motherboard locate the plug in that says Pwr Switch or Power Switch. Use your Motherboard manual to find its location. Aso following the wires from the front of the case should lead you to the general location on the board. Pull off the 2 wire connector from the pins on the motherboard. Now turn on the power to the power supply and very carefully short the two pins together on the motherboard. If it starts right up then your problem is with the switch or wiring, If not, it is else where. Since you said that the on-light comes on this would make me believe that your problem lies either in the power supply or in the motherboard, or the M/B connector (large multiwired connector from power supply to the motherboard) (Unplug and replug this connect). If this fails to isolate the problem you will need to get ahold of another power supply and try it before condeming the motherboard