Problem trying to make Audio CD from MP3

Hi guys, I have a prob trying make Audio CD with Nero 6.6

I’ve wasted quite a few cds with this problem.
I have mp3s and i’ve converted them to wav and tried making an audio cd with nero. The burn process is really fast about 2 mins on 52x. When i try to play it in my car cd player it doesnt work. Then when i view the contents in windows, it shows that each track is only 1kb big. Its like it burnt the short cut onto the cd from my hardrive.

Then i tried making the audio cd from just adding the mp3’s (not converted) so that nero converts them auto, but still get the exact same problems. I’ve tried different settings and still no luck.

Has anyone had this same or similar problem? Can anyone please help me.


What you can try to do:

  • Burn at a lower speed (e.g. 16x)
  • Use other (better) CD-R media (e.g. Verbatim Data Life Plus)
  • Check if the burnt CD works in a normal standalone CD player.