Problem Trying Step 3.2 in the Wii hacking Guide




I believe I’ve successfully hacked my Wii that came with firmware v4.2U. I haven’t hooked up a HD with my games yet but the installs completed without any problems except for one.

The one problem was:

I did all of the steps in order but when I tried step 3.2 (instead of step 3.1) the following happened:

I completed Hack your Wii / Minimal Installation but when I went to Manual Install, the program started and in the dialog box that opens on the screen the following text came up about 3 seconds after the program was launched:

Found 53 Titles
Old IOS Used (Less Than 28)
Reload IOS 36 OK

The Wii froze there. I wasn’t able to do anything. I shut the console down, restarted it and used step 3.1 instead of 3.2. Everything went fine with step 3.1. Just to let you know, I did have the Pimp My Wii Offline files unzipped and in the root directory of the SD card when I attempted to do step 3.2. This card also contains all of the Hack My Wii files. It is formatted in the original FAT (not FAT 32) but there wasn’t any problems in completing any of the steps other than the second part of 3.2.

I’m wondering why the system froze and if it may have caused any problems that might show up when I try to use the console?


there is no problem. this happens sometimes, its normal. dont worry about it.

i could explain why this happens but you wouldnt understand anyway.

IOS15 is downgraded from original IOS15-v523 to IOS15-v257. then pimp my wii uses this IOS15-v257 to perform minimal install. this IOS15-v257 does not have proper permissions to perform all the functions pimp my wii needs to perform the steps in manual install. this is the reason for this step, Once Minimal is done, Exit Pimp My Wii. so then pimp my wii can reload and use a different IOS.

minimal does install a properly patched IOS36-v3351. this patched IOS36-v3351 has proper permissions to perform all the functions.

i dont know if you noticed in the hack my wii thread, member Wateva tries to say that pimp my wii can not install IOS249. this is not true. the problem is with the IOS15, he was trying to install using this IOS and not a patched IOS36.

when the guide is followed as outlined it works correctly.


Thanks for answering my question Troy. I do understand what you are saying. In thinking back I believe I neglected to actually exit Pimp My Wii. I can see where that would cause the problem.


glad you got it working.