Problem to get the buffer occupation during a TAO burning?

Hi everybody,

On my free time, I’m interested in developping my own CD burning software. I successfully burn my first CD using the method described in the DVD recording problem: “LONG WRITE IN PROGRESS” topic (thanks cdfreaks community…)

Now I find interesting to know the buffer occupation during the burning , so in the loop of WRITE10 commands, I’ve inserted READ BUFFER CAPACITY, which indicates total and available buffer capacity.

Following the MMC, it should not cause a SYNCHRONIZE CACHE, but actually READ BUFFER CAPACITY always return me that the buffer is empty (available = total capacity)!!

I find it a little bit strange,… I ask me:
_ Am I using the right method to get the buffer occupation?
_ Despite the MMC spec, is Read Buffer Capacity cmd effectively causing Synchronize cache?
_ What could be the source of this matter? too small buffer? too slow program?

PS: device cache is 1646 kbytes and I use 64kbytes buffer for Write cmd
OS = Windows XP, device = MATSHITA UDJA 770

Thanks in advance for comments… :clap: