Problem to decrypt only main movie




I have tried to decrypt a movie using DVD decrypter, I have set the parameters to decrypt the movie only.

well, it is not working.why? it decrypt but when i go on dvd shrink it says DVD shrink has encountered a problem…

when i decrypt the whole movie, I do not have this problem…any idea?


how about a screenshot or error message? It could be anything; Do you have dvd playback software installed? Which one? And what movie are we chatting about? Region? Macrovision/Disney?


it was vanheisen, portugeish version, regional coding 2.

it just says that DVD shrink has encoutered an error and cannot open…
that s all.

it works fine when i decrypt the entire movie, so not a big deal. I will try with other movies and I will let you know.


Strange. There are some movies that have issues though. I believe Troy was also quite buggy.


I definitely agree. Thats why I have two DVD Shrinks installed for problem like this. You can down load the older from DVD Shrink. :slight_smile:
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