Problem: The Brothers Grimm

Hi guys. I’m at work so I don’t have any data off the disc to post, but I was curious if anyone has been able to make a working copy of The Brothers Grimm?

I made sure I had the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 installed (do I also need to make sure CloneCD is upgraded so it doesn’t leave stale drivers behind?). AnyDVD appears to crack the disc successfully, but here’s the weird part:

When AnyDVD is enabled, the video off the disc is extremely choppy. This is either the video written to the hard drive before I burn it to a new disc (I can open a video stream with PowerDVD and it’s choppy as heck), or the original disc in the drive played with PowerDVD when AnyDVD is enabled. However, if I disable AnyDVD, the disc plays very smoothly. It’s as if AnyDVD is making the playback/rip of the disc choppy.

This is the first time I have encountered this. I’ve copied many other movies on this computer without experiencing this. It seems to be just with this disc. The machine is a dual-processor Athlon 2800 with 1.5GB RAM and RAID-1 hard drive array (WD 120GB drives). CPU usage, as always, was very low during the entire process, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

So again, the question is if anyone else has had problems with The Brothers Grimm, or does it rip fine for others?

try enabling safe mode in anydvd.

anydvd has some weird responses with RAID arrays (usually affects decryption but it’s worth a shot in your case)

when things are generally acting weird, as a rule of thumb check to see if anydvd’s safe mode will solve your problem first.

also do you have anything else running in the background?

it could be that your system is borderline on ram and when you play the movie, with it enabled it takes up space… try it again after stopping some unnessesary processes (msn messenger, ie/firefox etc) As for backing up you should be fine with anydvd and clonedvd

oh, and i had NO problems with Brothers Grimm using the versions that were available back when the movie was released.

you didn’t state what version numbers you had installed (“latest” or “current” doesn’t tell us much), but any of the updates since the release of Brothers Grimm a few months ago should handle this fine.

he has 1.5gb ram…

@ GotBackup,

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Addressing the PowerDVD “Choppiness” problem. Have you ensured that your computer Video and Audio Card drivers are current and up to date? Have you run PowerDVD Diagnostic (Start/Programs/Cyberlink PowerDVD/System Diagnostic/Diagnostic)? Also have you “Defragged” your Hard Drive recently (Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter)?

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Latest version as of last night. :slight_smile:

Nothing running in the background, gobs of RAM available. I’ll try the safe mode thing next time I get a chance, thanks.

Yes, all that stuff is fine, as I’ve copied other discs recently with no problems. I have Raxco PerfectDisk keeping my disk defragged nightly.

ah… must have missed that… bit tired… its 2am here…

Bros Grimm will rip with DVDDecryptor, AnyDVD is not needed.

Any DVD needed in case there is new copy protection which DVDDecrypter lacks the latest one.

I’m not sure what region you are, but R1 is ripguarded therefore dvd decrypter will not work.

and i’m not sure if you mean straight up DVDD or with the psl2 file, but it’s important to distinguish when you say that dvd decrypter will work as most people assume you mean the program with no modifications.

Well then, I guess this R1 copy I have sitting here doesn’t exist. Ripped with plain old Decryptor.

maye multiple versions were issued then?

out of curiosity can you post a screenshot or copy/paste the info window of your original from anydvd? i’m interested to see if it’s ripguarded or not.

and you said you don’t use the psl2 files with DVDD right?

Or did you tick “Ignore Read Errors” (Settings > I/O)?

I just used DVD Fab Decrypter. It worked fine. :wink:

I backed up my copy last week, its a region 2 disc and DVDD had no problems ripping it.

Mirrormask however wouldn’t rip. But I have just learned about PGCEdit and PSL2 files so I will try again tonight.