Problem testing my disks for errors (Pioneer DVR-108)

I am the owner of a Pioneer DVR-108 drive. Yesterday I burnt my first disk, a Verbatim DVD+RW at 4x. As some users are reporting that they sometimes get coasters with that burner, I wanted to check if it was my case. Nero InfoTool says my drive can report C2 errors. Well, I started Nero CD/DVD Speed, went on “Disk Quality Test”, pressed Start but got an error some instants after :sad:

What did I do wrong ? The Pioneer is the ONLY drive Nero displays the disk info with. Even my Plextor Premium cannot display media code and manufacturer with it.

Do I have to do the test using a BLANK, writeable disk ? I did it with an already burnt one!

Nero CD-DVD Speed does not support Pioneer drives for its disc quality test. Here is a list of all drives supported.

However, you can use the “Scandisc” function (under “Extra”) to scan your discs for errors, and use transfer rate scanning to determine the quality of your burns (to a certain degree).

Thanks for your reply packetloss!

My DVD-Video burnt on a 2x Fujifilm DVD-R (manufactured by Prodisc) is unreadable in my LG DRD-8160B. The drive does not even recognize it. Could it be the media ? Pioneer says it is compatible however.

I really want to break my dealer’s backbone by throwing the DVR-108 :sad: first burns = first coasters :sad:

How fast did you burn those disc? Faster than the certified speed? LG DVD drives are known for being picky readers (depending on the model though). Have you tried the disc in other drives as well (e.g. asking a friend to test the disc)?

No! I burned the CD at 2x while the certified speed was 4x.

The strange thing is that if I try to read it on Windows 2000 it does the job perfectly! Although I can clearly hear the disk not spinning at high speeds as it does with DVD-ROM or CD-ROM disks…

WTF ? As Win2k plays it perfectly it may even be my WinXP SP2 not communicating right with my LG :o

Try to burn the discs at the certified speed. Burning discs slower than the certified speed can (not must!) lead to problems, especially if you use a burner that is optimised for high speed recording and burn at the lowest speed possible (2x).

Even if it’s a compatibility issue between WinXP and your LG drive, you still should burn those Prodisc blanks at their certified speed.

This overruns the “lower is better” motto for writing speeds! :wink:

Anyway while the LG read the disk perfectly on Win2k, on WinXP many and many retries are needed. May it be the Pioneer not supporting them ? I have been told the Pioneer is extremely media picky, but I have chosen Fujifilms because Pioneer says they are supported! (BTW, it says the max writing speed is 8x, while they are 4x-certified…)

Today I’m going to test Verbatim, Sony and TDK disks (if I find one…)

They are not Fujifilm discs, they are Prodisc discs with a Fuji label, that’s a big difference. Still, your Pioneer drive should burn them well at their certified speed, otherwise the firmware wouldn’t give you the choice to “overspeed” the media (write it faster than the certified speed). This normally is a good sign for compatibility.

I know, but Pioneer says both Prodisc and Fujifilm disks are supported.

Anyway no luck. I have just burned a Maxell DVD-R (media code RITEKG04 - certified for 4x - burned at 4x) which has been unreadable in my LG, although I have tried only one time. I really don’t know what to do now; should I try burning the ProdiscS03 at 4x ? The problem may be in: 1) my LG DVD-ROM (perhaps with WinXP…), 2) the media (maybe…) or 3) the burner (very unlikely) :sad:

You should try the discs in different drives. Maybe you can ask a friend to test them for you. If his/her drive(s) read them fine, you’ll know that your LG drive (or WinXP in combination with your drive) is to blame.

Is the burner itself a good drive to test my disks with ? I know burners usually report much different results comparing to a DVD-ROM drive, but many people who tested their NEC 3500 used the burner to read them :wink:

Anyway, I have scanned my the disk with the Pioneer itself and there have been no considerable slowdowns (scan is attached).

I think I have realized what my problem is:

  1. The Pioneer generates high C1 and C2 error rates near the end of the disk (and burning at slow speeds does not change it).

  2. My LG has a poor error correction hence cannot read the disk correctly. In fact, DVD speed detects an uncorrectable error near the end of the DVD.

Not to change my LG, I would need a burner which does not generate so many errors near the lead-out. Perhaps I should have bought the NEC :confused:

Anyway, I’ll try reading them in other drives.

Have you tried the “Scandisc” feature of Nero CD-DVD Speed yet, as I mentioned in my first post (it’s under “Extra”)? With that feature, you can confirm (or disprove) your first claim at least (high (uncorrectable) errors at the end of the disc).

Your second claim may be true however, as I said earlier myself. Some LG drives, especially DVD-ROMs, are known for being picky readers.

The transfer scan your posted (using your Pioneer burner) looks good, of course. Unfortunately, the drive doesn’t seem to read the disc at full 16x speed (like the NEC ND-3500 does with SL discs, regardless of the booktype / disc format), which makes detecting potential problems easier (e.g. high error rates at the end of the disc). Still, before you condemn the drive, try different media first, and more importantly, try the discs you burned in other drives (than your LG) first.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to post it. I have just done it with the Pioneer: I have VERY carefully watched the process and haven’t noticed considerable slowdowns near the end. I had previously tried with the LG, but I had given up because there were errors everywhere, the disk was being ridden at 0.3X and was recognized in a totally different way (the LG reported about 70% of the sectors were free, while the file size is 4.35 GB on a 4.38 GB disk)!

Still, before you condemn the drive, try different media first, and more importantly, try the discs you burned in other drives (than your LG) first.

I have burned the video on a PRODISCS03 and RITEKG04 disk (both at 4x, their certified speed). The ScanDisc has been done on the RITEKG04. I have given the PRODISCS03 to a friend of mine, which has said the disk works correctly. I know I should ask him to test the RITEKG04 too, but because both are unreadable in my LG and both seem to work… the problem seems to be inside my DVD-ROM drive.

I have tried to set the LG to master instead of slave (my Plex Premium was set as master before) with no luck. However I have noticed the disk has been scanned more time than when the LG was set as slave.

The friend I have given the PRODISCS03 to has said it has worked at the first try with his “crap” DVD TV player. This reinforces the opinion that my drive is very low quality, but I also know my Pioneer generates high error rates at the end of the disk. So I don’t know whether drives that aren’t “high quality” will read my burned disks :sad:

What software do you guys recommend for testing written dvdr disks for errors?