Problem taping with charter cable

Is there anyway to go around the copy write protection on cable channels. My cable provider told me that i cant tape even the evening news on local tv station because of copy write protection enforced by the network. I dont know why they would keep you from taping local free tv stations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

have you tried?

what is your setup? more details the better. :slight_smile:

I have charter cable and no problems except the DVR will not record on demand.

tried taping all channels and my dvd recorder keeps saying the channel is copy write protected. I have called charter and they tell me it is nothing on their end. Exchanged the recorder for a new one and same problem. Called the manufaturer and they tell me charter has put a block on my box. Charter denies any block but refuses to look into the problem. They want me to rent a dvr from them for an additional $15 a month and cant see spending the money on one if i already own a dvd recorder. Any help would be great thanks

You could try this
I have it but not needed in my area yet.

have cables hooked up to converter box, with converter being the digital channel converter. the website you gave me dont list the model for my recorder it is a zv427mg9 dual recorder. Will they have one to work with that model? Thanks