Problem, taking toooo long writing cds or dvds



hi guys, I didnt know where to put this thread, please, I need some help.

qhen I record a dvd at 4x, I got some memorex dvd-r, it takes like 35 minutes to record a whole dvd with data.

and when I want to record a cd, takes like 20 minutes a full cd, it is crazy time.

I am using nero burning rom, but honestly, I dont know if it is hardware problem, or sofware problem.

to make the drive work in the first time, I had to plug it in my raid/ata controler in the mobo gigabyte 7vrxp that I have.
it recognizes it perfect, no problems, but maybe it is a prblem, cozz the drive gets recognized like scsi drive…
the data gets recorded without problems, but the time it takes is insane…

somebody have any idea what could it be, or maybe I got setted wrong the nero burning rom… I dunno… it is the nero 6 ultra edition.

pleasse help the newbie!!!

thank in advance.



I say it’s a DMA issue.

please read the Troubleshooting guide at the top of this forum; it’s a sticky and will help you get DMA working!