Problem synchronizing subtitle

Okay I have this dvd I’m trying to burn but the subtitles are not in sync. I followed the direction on this web site and used the software listed to create the dvd but when I test it the subtitles are out of sync …what can I do to correct this?:confused::sad::doh:

I tried to sync the subtitle in subtitle workshop and the create subtitle program … I can get them in sync in the program, but when I test the movie before burning the subtitle is out of sync … :confused::rolleyes::sad:

judging by the lack of response it’s clear no one here know what to do …

judging by the lack of response it’s clear no one here know what to do

Yawnnn!..Maybe it’s just ‘lack of interest’:rolleyes:… And it is the weekend BTW…I’ve only done it a few times(I think!), and it was a pain in the arse…So much so that frankly, I don’t remember exactly how I did it…Bad me!, I should have taken notes!..However if you have the right subs and correct format, you [I]should[/I] be able to author a new DVD with synced subs…
Have you tried searching for proper subs?..

Subtitles are pure work to get right. I avoid them like the plague.

I did find a tool that is supposed to address your problem over at, but have not tried it.

Care to be the guinea pig and test this one? We’ll be happy to cheer from the sidelines. :slight_smile:

couldn’t figure out the vss … the time was way off and I don’t understand why … the ES didn’t work …I’ve gotten sub from both the sites you mention … it in sync in SW but when I go to burn the dvd … it’s off again … thanks anyway.

I’m with Kerry56…Too much trouble for what it’s worth(IMO)…
That said, you mention that “[I]it in sync in SW but when I go to burn the dvd it’s off again[/I]”…What authoring/burning tools?

The tools I used are in the link I provided in my first post … thanks

Ok!..I was hoping I didn’t have to go-back and re-read it…Perhaps you should try other tools/methods…
Lots of sub info over at videohelp…
Good luck!..really!..:wink:

I use Subtitle Workshop. If i do the whole movie it gets the start and the end right. What I do is split the movie into 4 or more parts, split subs equally at the corresponding line and time each part at a time, then I join the segments and all is good.
There is no easy way.



Thanks … I’ll keep trying … John I have no problem getting the subtiltes in sync with SW it’s when it’s time to burn the movie when it goes out of sync …

Try ConvertXToDVD. I have no problem burning with it.

I’m trying avi2dvd right now … if that doesn’t work I will take a look at it … thank you for posting …