Problem swapping hard drive from old gateway laptop to my averatec laptop


I’m hoping someone could help me out here. I’m trying to boot my averatec computer from my old hard drive that came out of my gateway pentium 4 laptop.

I took the hard drive out of my gateway and then i took the hard drive out of the averatec and I put the gateway hard drive in the averatec laptop.

I turn the computer on and at first it looks like everything is working. when i get to the login page i see my old login in names and I’m able to type in my password, but at this point the computer starts slowing down a lot. I can’t click from one username to another without the computer taking a while before it does the switch. On a few occasions I had to restart. When i hit enter after typing in my password it takes about 20 min. not exaggerating to show the welcome page. After the welcome screen and another 20 min. I either get a blank desktop with nothing showing, not even start toolbar or clock, or an activation window asking me to activate my copy of windows. I’ve tried hitting ctrl, alt, delete, but nothing happens. When I try going through the activation process each screen takes about 10 min to load only to get stuck on the “cannot connect to the internet” screen.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve bought an enclosure for the hd so i can plug it in via usb, but what i really want is to boot from it. I’ve also tried booting from the hd via usb, but my averatec doesn’t support booting from usb only floppy and cd.

I would be very grateful for any advise you can give me. thanks.

I think you will need to erase the HDD and do a clean install of the OS.
And download the drivers needed.