Problem successfully burning complete movie



Using DVD Cloner IV, experiencing problems successfully backing up copies of purchased DVDs. The movies either freeze during playback of the copies or automatically stop and ejects disc. Was not happening before 2007-11-25. Can anyone in the forum recommend a more advanced DVD copying software that has more up-to-date encryption=code breaking capabilities?:flower::bow:


Hello Darlinka :slight_smile:

I would recommend DVDFab Platinum (I use this myself) or the AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 combo.

Both have fully functional trial periods, so you can see which you like best.

Your problem sounds like it could be the media you’re using, or the burn speed, though.

What’s the brand of disc, and what burn speed are you using?


[B]Thanks, Arachne[/B]. [B]I’m using Memorex 16X 4.7 GB DVD-R discs. My read IO is set to ASPI, read speed is “mid”, burn IO is ASPI, burn speed was set to max - same that I’ve used before. Just recently started having problems with the DVD Cloner IV (1st time was attempt to backup “Hairspray”). Have heard of DVDFab and AnyDVD through this forum. First, though, what settings would you recommend using with what I currently have? I’ve already wasted about six DVD-Rs. I’ll use a DVD-RW next using whatever settings you suggest. Any help is most appreciated. Thanks, again. P.S. I don’t even know whether I’m using this site correctly.:):bow::flower:[/B]


You’re using the site just fine :slight_smile:

With those Memorex, I’d try 8x or 12x rather than Max.

Hopefully that’ll do the trick - if not, I’d suggest grabbing some Sony or Verbatim :slight_smile: