Problem solved... but is it really?

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Until recently I had a problem where I was unable to burn cd’s or dvd’s from Vista Media Centre, or Media Player or file explorer, BUT I was able to burn using Nero.
The entry in Device manager for my DVD drive was:

Then I followed some advice and did the following:
I went into Control Panel-Programs and Features and removed the JMB36X entry by clicking on “Change”.

When the PC restarted everything seemed to be now working and I am very happy.

Now the entry in Device Manager for my DVD drive is:
and the entry for JMICRON has been removed from the Storage Controllers.

Here is my question to all of you gurus :bow: Is this solution good, or have I sacrificed some crucial functionality/performance by changing my DVD drive to an ATA device?

I have one DVD drive and one hard disk drive (also listed as an ATA device). When, and if, you answer please assume that I am clueless :o

If everything’s installed properly in Device Manager (no unknown devices, exclamation/question marks… listed), then you’re good to go.

If you have Nero installed, you don’t need Vista’s built-in burn functions anyway.

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Not sure how you have drives connected inside the case, but if I had to guess I would say that your ODD was connected to the JMICRON controller with the Raid software installed. This would cause your drive to appear as SCSI in device manager which can be problematic with ODDs. It would seem that removing the software caused the controller to revert to standard ATA.

Again, the above is a guess and in the end you want to be running in ATA mode. But, I would check to see what level mode you are running in as sometimes fooling with controllers can leave you with some unexpected results, such as PIO Mode.

AS long as you are happy and computer + your burner function properly then you should be OK.

Thanks guys. It would seem then that I am OK.

I was apprehensive because doing something as drastic as removing a storage controller seemed a good way to cause problems rather than solving them. I just hope that this solution doesn’t come back to bite me later on.