Problem:slower write with same media

A couple of days ago i bought a new pack of blank dvd-r which i’d been using for more than 3 month.they seem the same but i can’t write with max speed on them.
i want to know what is the plroblem and how i can fix it.
i did’nt know where to start and what to search so if here is not the place for my question please redirect me and tell me where i can get more info.
my drive:
lite-on 411-s
media: princo dvd-r 8x
software used:nero v7

Welcome to CD Freaks.

With cheap brand media it’s often the case that while the packaging appears the same the actual dye used for the media is different.

What you need to do is use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed to determine the Media ID of the older ones & the new ones. The Disc Info tab is want you want to use in this app.

It’s quite likely with an old drive like yours that new media just won’t be recognised & you’ll only be able to burn at 2.4x , rather that the 4x you got before.

  1. Stay away from Princo. They are awful.
  2. Upgrade your LiteOn to an 8x 1S firmware so you can burn at 8x, and to improve media support.
  3. Good luck!

Hi ssartera, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I second kg_evilboy’s advice above. :iagree:

You can find 811S firmware on the Codeguys’ site and there’s also a guide on how to cross-flash your 411S to an 811S.


This is not limited to cheap brands. What about brands like HP, Verbatim, Philips, TDK, just to name a few? They do exactly the same.


Thanks for your great help.
i think the phrase i should search for is bitsetting(booktype)
if i’m wrong please enlighten me
by the way this site ROCKS!
thank you again.

How is that going to help you?

Follow my suggestion about identifying the media to start with so we can establish if that’s the problem.

Then look at DrageMester’s suggestion about upgrading the firmware.

You can’t booktype -R discs, btw. Only +R/RW/DL discs.

Thanks TimC,
i think i need time to get the hang of it.
thank you all.