Problem setting the BT of a +R SL on my 3500 :)

Nec 3500. I had the official 2.17, and binflash -querybt listed a “temporary” BT setting for DL (and perm for R,RW,DL). I then flashed with herrie’s 2.17 (since I know official 2.17 doesn’t support SL BTing) and re-ran querybt. Now it didn’t have that temp, and just the perm for R,RW,DL.

Now, the problem is that with winbtype (from mad dog media) it just says “Eject disk. Try again.”, when I have a new +R disk in there. Alternatively I tried using binflash to change the perm setting of +R to -ROM and it says that the firmware doesn’t support it.

What’s the problemo? :slight_smile:

Also, the 500 limit for perm changes means that every time I change the perm, it drops the counter by one, right? So, I can burn a million disks with a changed booktype, but it’s only when I explicitely set it for the drive that it causes a count? And, if I did temp each time I booted the comp, there would be no counter ever changed?


winbtype.exe is for setting the bit types permanently for the drive (at least till you run it again) … you need to run it with no disc in the drive… it is not do change it on a particular disc…

Yeah, I knew it was for the drive, but winbtype mentioned a disk, so I tried it with and without a +R disk, but in both cases it didn’t give the option to change BT…

If it doesn’t work without a disk it means you most likely have the intel application accelerator ide drivers installed and need to remove them to get it to work or use another method as you did such as the firmware flasher

I have XP and an AMD cpu on a fresh install if that’s got any relevance to intel app ide drivers :confused:

I may have to give a different firmware a go. I found it interesting that this herrie one I had was the exact same size (the .bin) as the official 2.17, but I attributed that to thinking that the .bins are probably always just a set size, as opposed to having more or less, depending upon what’s in them.

I guess I can’t edit my first post. Anyway, I got 2.27 + and now everything is dandy. Thanks :slight_smile: