Problem setting booktype on DL discs

I have a liteon 451S@832S with the latest firmware (tried a few different firmwares) and cant seem to set the booktype for these Verbatim DL discs. The burner is set for auto-bitsetting (using omnipatcher) but it just wont set the booktype to DVDROM. I have already gone through 2 of these discs and would like to get confirmation that this drive is capable of setting the booktype on a DL disc before attempting it on my last disc. I am using Alcohol120% to burn the disc and everything seems to go fine with the burn until it finishes and I check the booktype. I also attempted to use the liteon booktype/bitsetting tool to make the changes with no luck.

The content of the DVD is video footage from a birthday party that couldve been burned to 2 DVDRs but I, like the fool I am, wanted to try out these DL discs.

I was thinking about trying Nero but since the problem seems to lie in the fact that the DVDROM booktype isnt being set by the burner (at least I think thats how it functions), I doubt it would work.

Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated as i’m doing this for free as a gift and am already $25 bucks in the hole with these discs. I shouldve just burned the 2 DVD+Rs and been done with it…learning the hard way is never fun… :a

try using the liteon booktyping tool

i think its called booktype135 or something, thats what i use and my DL verbatims work great, the first one i didnt booktype to rom cause i forgot to thinking it would auto but after that i do dvd-rom and plays in all my players, as the first disc played in my 3+ year old apex big player lol :slight_smile:

I did use booktype v135 on the 2nd disc and it still did not set it to DVDROM. Quick question, what drive and firmware were you using when it worked for you. Was your firmware set to auto-bitsetting? What program did you use to burn the disc? Is there a special “procedure” for setting the booktype using the liteon tool (program has to be loaded before burning software, program has to remain loaded during the burn, etc?)

Since I only have 1 disc left, I want to make sure I do everything correctly this time. Thanks for the help!

well i got the 1633@1653 cstj

and no auto in omni, but useing the booktype 135 i can leave it set to dvd-rom and it will do it auto for me after that, nero oem 6 suite

put the disc in, load up bookype 135, select from normal to dvd-rom, click change, then close, then burn, thats how it works for me :slight_smile: