Problem - search function through start menu

when i go to do i file search through the start menu/search/for files and folders , i type in something i want to look for then if i select stop while it is searching it freezes up my pc completely .

i have to reboot .

is there a fix for this or soemthing, is there anything i can do to replace any corupted files which makes the search function work .

Xp pro sp3 all updates done fresh install a few weeks ago , so dont really want to do a re-install to fix this problem .

thanks ,

If you can get into Safe Mode (F8 as you boot up), then do the same type of search without freezing, you may have an infected computer. Run antivirus/anti-malware to make sure. MalwareBytes is a good anti-malware program.

i tried that , and still same problem , its a fresh install of xp as well , only like 1 month old . i have found out now that it freezes up Explorer.exe , but it is still doing it , and i dont have any viruses or malware on pc at all .

That was my best shot I’m afraid. The only other thing off the top of my head is to try a system restore to a point in time before this behavior started up.