Problem Samsung TS-H943 (Xbox360)



I have a sata dvd rom and would like to connect it to my PC

I have an Asus P4P800 (standard/vanilla) mainboard i865PE chipset (2 Serial ATA-150 channels (via ICH5R, with RAID support)

I am running Windows XP Pro + SP2

When I connect my sata dvd rom to the pc, it is detected in BIOS as Forth IDE Master. But when i boot into windows…i cant see the dvd in my computer nor can i see it in device manager (no sata controller too), i can only see primary/secondary IDE and Ultra ATA 133

Anyone have the link to this sata controller installation/driver??

Help would be appreciated.


you are trying to connect ur xbox dvd rom to ur pc

u either cheap

or very idle

anywayz it wont work the firmware that the xbox drive has wont make it detectable in windows
u can hunt down the first xtreme package from c4eva and use is 0800 firmware that should make it work

lates idle boy