Problem running firmware exe SHW 1635S


My last login was 10-07-2002, wow doesnot seem that long ago, very happy to see you guys are still here!

I just recieved a new Liteon SHW 1635S, My old DVD reset during a flash, so I bought a new one, been wanting a 16 speed anyway, ok I burned a couple of costers, and any software I tried said it was a 4 speed, so I decided to flash with the current firmware, I went to the liteonit site and found it YSOR.EXE held my breath and double clicked it, nothing, or should I say no new window poped up, but the program was running, and I can hear the units motor reving up and down over and over, after at least 5 min’s I reset the system and tried again, after removing any virtual drives, same thing, I redownloaded and still the same, So I decided to come to the experts for help, No not Liteon CDFREAKS!

I also downloaded a couple of old flashes from a link I found here, same thing happens, anybody have any Ideas for me, Oh BTW the unit will still burn disks!


Same for me too orac2112 - Iv’e been away for a while, and just bought the 1635s having tried some Nec/MadDog drives ater my 2nd 451s took a dive.

Some things to try from what I’ve read:

If you previously installed Intel Application Accelerator, remove it before flashing. You can install it again afterwards, but I’ve heard from a couple sources that it is not advisible to have it on with a DVD burner.

In device Manager (assuming you have XP) uninstall the liteon DVD drive (under DVD/CD-ROM drives), and under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, uninstall the Intel ATA controller, primary and secondary IDE channel.

Also make sure your CableSelect/Master/Slave jumper is in the proper position, no disc in tray, etc…

If those don’t work - call Liteon! If they can’t help maybe you have a bad unit, and need to exchange or return it.

Good Luck!

thanks for the reply, actually I was waiting for a hard drive in the mail, when I installed it I set up a RAID 0 array, so I had to format, after formating it flashed no problem.

I do not know what I had installed, be cause the last format I did was not more than 2 weeks ago, I just built a new system, but I format about every 6 months or so anyway. I do not think I had anything installed diffrently than before except or the raid 0 setup.

What I think it may have been, I had disabled some services???

Thanks again