Problem running downloaded application (img files etc)

Hi all,

I just downloaded Tell Me More French (a language learning prog) from Rapidshare. It came in rar files to begin which i extracted fine into four seperate folders each for a sepearte CD. These each contained a large img file and a few other files. I used Isobuster to extract all the info from each of the 4 and then eventually had auto run files in each folder so i opened the installation CD auto run file, inserted the serial number it asked me for using the number giving to me in the pack i downloaded off rapidshare and seemed to install fine. However, now when I click on the shortcut for the programme it asks me to insert “lesson CD-ROM”. I’m really confused and thought that using isobuster to extract all the info would mean i sidestepped the need to use CDs. Do i need to actually burn the image files to 4 sepearte CDs after all. I’ve never done this before, perhaps there is a problem with the file I downloaded but when scanned with isobuster it said all the raw data was readable. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Perhaps you should read the rules regarding downloaded licensed software before you ask for help with such things. I’m sure another moderator will be happy to close your thread…