Problem ripping movie, any help appreciated

Hello all :), i’m new to this forum, sorry if something what i say is wrong, so now my problem:
I have NEC ND3520A drive, firmware: Liggy & Dee 1.u8, i saw that it is RIPLOCK, RPC1. Now my question is i have Matrix 1 DVD, and i want to copy it cause the original has scratchs on it, so, when i put the disc into the rom, close it, start dvdshrink it says i ahve to change my region to Europe…blahblah. But i really don’t wan’t to do that! I thought the firmware could help solve the problem. And DVD Shrink refuses to ‘OPEN DISC’ without changing region, any ideas folks? (by the way don’t offer me to use for example some sort of dvdcopy soft that would not ask to change the region, it would make a good copy, but the COPIED movie would ask to change the region to play:) ) I think you understood what i’ve had in mind… I want this movie to be copied, and it to be free-region without messing up with region cahnges in my drive… Thanks for all your help and understanding! :bow:

There is an option inside dvdshrink preferences: “Check RPC2 drive region code when opening a DVD” Disable it, that simple.

Or try ripping it with DVD Decrypter instead!

Thanks both for the answer, which, in your opinion, would be better to rip single sided dvd movie? And should i record the image file with NERO or Decrypter, which’s quality is better? By the way, my ‘recording buffer’ fluctuates from 92-94-96-98 percent, the USED BUFFER stays all the time 100%, is that bad? Sometimes i get some “rings” on my dvds, what about that? Cable ‘80’, udma 6 on hdd, udma 2 on nec, 1800+, 512mb ram, system is CLEAN! HDD pri master, nec sec master, thanks!

If single sided DVD, I’d go for Dvddecrypter, because you don’t need further encoding. Just rip the movie in ISO mode and then write it with the same program (ISO-write mode). Don’t worry about rings or buffer, it’s absolutely normal.

Hehe, i just hate those rings in the end of disc… they are hardly seen, but i HATE IT! those rings SHOULDN’t appear on disc, the disc has to be plain! :slight_smile:
Next question, if i rip the movie, burn it, but it still won’t be playable, cause it will require to change the region!:slight_smile:

Don’t worry, Dvd Decrypter has a default option to make the new disc “region free”. By the way, when you rip the dvd to your hd, Dvd decrypter will ask you about the region of the movie, just say ok, because it won’t change the drive region.

Oh thanks pal, thank you for your fast response! You’re really FREAKS (i mean it’s good, not an insult :slight_smile: ) Thanks again, now i’m defragmenting my hd for a better burn, and for better system work, see you in da forum soon, ciao

The buffer changing is normal for higher speed burns. The rings are due to the changing speeds if you burn at high speeds. If you don’t want the rings then burn at a slow fixed speed like 4x. Its only a cosmetic issue though. You get best rips with DVD Decrypter - its a lot more reliable and better. DVD Decrypter is best for burning from an ISO file - its faster than Nero. I only use Nero for burning from a set of files - its fine for that. I use DVD shrink only for DL DVDs from an ISO image created by DVD Decrypter and then have DVD shrink output a SL ISO image. I then test the ISO image with software to load it as a psuedo-DVD drive. Then I can burn it with DVD Decrypter’s ISO write function.

Hi again, i burn at 4x, and get those rings (they are only seen in daylight) I hate them, i think the buffer fluctuation makes them

The disc looks like some sort of a little transparent, hrr how to get rid of this…