Problem Ripping from Dupe Discs



I often find when ripping with CDex from a back-up disc made with CloneCD that the last song will have a couple of digital errors. Sometimes other songs
throughout the disc will have errors.

Often the errors are unnoticeable. I’d say on 2 out of 5 discs, the last song DID have a noticealbe dropout of sound at the very end before the sound came back and the song ended.

Sometimes one or two songs are unrippable.
The process fails.
If I attempt an analog process with my CD-RW, I hear that old digital reverb error. I have to play these discs in a home stereo CD-player and port the problem songs to my sound card.

I know a CD-RW is much more exact than a home stereo CD-Player. I used the same old TDK 24/10/40x (the “x” is significant to the model) to read the original, burn the copy and rip from the copy.

The originals I backed-up from were flawless as far as I know.

CCD (CloneCD) reported no errors durring the disc copy.

Eye-balling the originals proved them to be free of dust and scratches. The originals were only days or weeks old.

I don’t think CDex automatically does off-set correction as EAC does manually.

I’ve got to try EAC again.


Use EAC with a drive that supports C2 error correction (EAC will tell you if your drive does) if your drive does not then you cannot rip the songs. Plextor drives provide full C2 error correction in case you are looking for a drive.

CloneCD for Audio must be set up correctly, you must extract the tracks on slowest/best in the options and again you should burn at 4x. Aside from this using the best CDR Media such as TY and a solid CDRW such as a plextor is reccomended for the best results.

The errors can be from from incorrect or poor settings on CloneCD (i.e. ripping too fast and writing to fast) and using poor quality media and CDRW drives.


I read/burn audio at 8x.

I may have read some discs in the past at max but always burned at 8x.

My TDK drive does support C2error correction.

I just got an HP writer cd52 that I believe is a Lite-On. I’ve yet to install it.

I’m not sure if EAC is configured with an off-set.
I recently flashed back to an old ghost image.
I documented my off-set info. I’m searching for the doc now.
I’m searching for a doc I documented my off-set info.

To get around this problem for now (to get a useable MP3), I used Cool Edit Pro with my home stereo.


Do you have to copy with CloneCD?
Maybe you can’t do anything about that now, but don’t use CloneCD to copy CD-Audio.
I haven’t used CloneCD more than a couple of times, but AFAIK, it writes in raw mode, so errors might be written without notice. Data corruption on your IDE channel might cause that and it would go unnoticed.


I have Alcohol120% as well.

I just installed an HP cd52 burner (Lite-On, I think) and haven’t had any problems with the first 4 discs I’ve ripped from.


Wrong. All drives can correct C2 errors as far as this is possible with the disc in question. The difference is just that some drives report if there were C2 errors, and some don’t. Those that do can be used with EAC and “C2 enabled” to speed up the ripping process. For those that don’t you have to make EAC read every sector twice to ensure that there are no errors that go undetected. The second way is actually more secure, because C2 error detection/reporting does not work 100% flawless with any drive. But, as I said, it speeds up the ripping process if you make use of the C2 error flag.
Whether errors can be corrected depends on how good your drive can read damaged discs in general and if you let it speed down and retry when it encounters errors.