Problem resizing hardisk with partition magic 8.05

Hi guys
I wanted to resize my hard disk with partition magic 8.05
it was C40 gigs and E 40 gigs
i wanted to make it 30 and 50, i did it successfully but i renamed E to D
now I can not access the hard disk
this is what happend after resizing and renaming to D

notice the status: None

then i tried to rename it back to E (which is the original label)

it says access is denied

I do see that the second partition is a logical one and it’s held inside a blank primary partition (notice the (*) partition of the same size just above it?), use Partition Magic to change the logical to a primary one and see if that works.

maybe you can access it with DOS, use CACLS command, just follow the instruction

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Maybe you can try someother one like Paragon, EASEUS Partition Manager…

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