Problem resizing display on HDTV

I built a new pc and hooked it up to a Sony HDTV 57" widescreen. The ATI x700 pro is working and I get a picture. Problem is that the screen size is about twice that of my tv. I can get to the edges almost by bringing the mouse pointer off the screen, so the desktop moves around. Was trying to resize it to the tv size but for some reason the display settings don’t have that functionality. It says to go to “display properties, settings, advanced, ati displays, click on the tv button, adjustments tab, and use the slider to adjust size”. That slider is not there. All I can adjust is colors and such. Any ideas?

Does your monitor not have a setting to properly size the input? Soundsl like your monitor is set to zoom or something.

Nope. The TV supports the graphics. The puter is hooked up via components so the TV automatically sets itself like a dvd hookup would. I most likely need the updated Catlyst drivers. Called ATI and that’s what they said. When I get to the point in display properties where the resizing feature is supposed to be, it simply isn’t there. Only brightness, contrast, and saturation appear. I’ve gotta go to work tonight but I will be installing the new drivers in the morning. I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks for the response. Oh, and I checked the zoom also and it was on full screen. Wide zoom and normal (square instead of widescreen) didn’t help either.