Problem registering DVDFab5?

I am attempting to register DVDFab5 on a gateway FX laptop running Vist 64 bit version. I have made multiple attempts to get the aplication to accept either key file or the actual file registration sequence but with no success. the application simply ignores the registration information and I am left with the trial version. I have downloaded the registration information twice to validate the actual registration.

Moving you to the DVDFab forum, where you should get more informed answers Dr. Hugh.

May I ask if you have tried just double clicking on the Registration key icon ?

Hi, thanks for the response. The answer is yes, I have tried both methods of registering the key. Both methods yield the same result. System states it is restarting but the key is not accepted. My thoughts are that it was related to the 64 bit Vista - only a guess.

Are you by chance running the Home premium version of Vista