Problem registering 1 click trial version

I have downloaded the trial version of software and when I click on the icon on the tray it presents a box with ser id prefilled in “” when I click on register online comes back with error user id is invalid please try again
any help would be appreciated.

Where did you download this trial from???

What does this ICON look like?

I suspect you have downloaded this from a site other than LGsoftware by the mere fact that the ID box has a dodgy web site in there.

download the legal version from here and then buy it if you want to keep it. :iagree:

I did download from LGsoftware site. The icon is a picture of a dvd. When I click on that it brings up the registration screen which has the user id pre-filled.

Funny that we have been dealing with a new user on the 1click support forum who also downloaded the trial from the LG site and they don’t have that in the REG ID field…

The other funny thing is if you browse to that site that is listed in your REG ID field it is full of help for pirated software :cop: :cop: :disagree: :disagree:

Suggest you read the Forum Rules

The only problem I see is your trying to get an illegal copy of the program. Pay for it, its money well spent.

No I’am not trying to get an illegal copy of the software, I downloaded it from the vendors site as a free trial version good for 10 days or 3 copies.

Ok if you say so, but the only place I know of that you can get a legal registry keys is

But all the same, good luck.