Problem regarding LiteON DH-20A3P

Greetings everyone.

I have a problem regarding Light-on DH 20A3P. It will not read any media
(CD,DVD…). I have removed driver and reinstalled it, but nothing.
Please help

Welcome to CD Freaks, kurexst :slight_smile:

Spilt your query off into its own thread.

I forgot to say XP PRO 2002 SP2, AMD 64 Dual core 4400+ ", 2,44 GHz, 2 GB RAM

Check your cables. Make sure the master/slave jumpers are set properly on any drives that are on that same cable. Make sure it has a power connection.

Right-click on “My Computer”(on the desktop) -> Manage and in the left pane of the window that comes up click on “Device Manager”. Are there any yellow warnings or red "X"s in the DVD/CD-ROM or IDE ATA/ATAPI sections?

Thank you.

I will check and get back with results.