Problem refreshing Lite-on cd/dvd drives

Not a huge problem, more anoying than anything else, but anoying nonetheless.

When i insert a disc (cd/dvd) into either of my drives (LTR-48125W, LTD163D) after a fresh boot everything works fine. But when i open the drive, and without closing it insert another disk, it doesnt seem to acknowledge the disk is different. I have to close the drive’s tray without a disk, wait until it finishes initializing, and then try a new disk; then it works.
When a new disk is inserted without initialitaizing a empty drive it lets me view the past disk’s file structure (the data is unreadable unless i opened it when the original disk was in). This started happening after a long succession of ripping dvds using smartripper 2.41 and AnyDVD

It’s obviously not a harware problem as both drives are affected, but I’m unsure how software has messed over my winXP, and can i fix it without reinstalling windows?

Have you tried opening Explorer and hitting F5?

lol… yeah. I suppose i mashed F5 a bunch from frustration. I’ve never heard of this before, so i thought i’d hit the forum before a good reformat (which i’m in dire need of anyway)