Problem recording with LTR40125S and LTR52246S



Hi all,
i’ve two computer…the first with P4 2800 WinXP SP2
with HD UltraATA 80 gb on master and LG DVD-ROM on slave (primary channel)
and with HD 40 GB UltraATA on master and Liteon DVDRW LT40125S on slave (secondary channel)

[B]I’ne noticed problems when i burn…if i burn over 24x …burnproof activates every second…and also i see a decrease of performance.

Also same problem with another system that i’ve at home:
P4 3200 Prescott WinXP sp2
with SATA hard disk … and Liteon DVDRW 451S on master and LTR52246S on slave (primary channel) …THE PROBLEM IS ONLY WITH THE CDRW!!!..

I THINK THE PROBLEM IS SP2…because in this ultimate system i’ve two windows XP installed…with the second windows XP that has only SP1 All is OK…no problems of speed…
I’ve tried last version of Nero (6.6.08) but nothin to do…
Someone can HELP ME?