Problem recording a VCD from a mpeg file

Hi. I have just recorded my first VCD from a mpeg file (675 MB) to watch it in my table DVD player. The problem is that not the whole video has been recorded but only a half of it. Why does this happen when a CD-R has a 700 MB space??
Thanks a lot!!

I don’t know what kind of software you’re using and the mpeg type you start with.
Is it Mpeg2? or Mpeg1?
VCD format uses the last one.
So look at you project definitions and you can try to build the VCD and sava it to the HDD prior to burn the CD. This way you can check the final size.
I am not familiar how VCD is build in recent software packages, but if you use menus or something like that (the VCD definitions will take some disc space), look at the extra space required - not to leave half the movie out, for sure.
If you start from mpeg 2 your VCD should be smaller, if you use a base mpeg1 file it should not grow up.