Problem Reading TDK 4x dvd+r after burned in 708a



Hi Everyone,

  Yet again another issue :( I hope this thread is in the right place and sorry if it isn't!  Well, my current problem is that after I burned a TDK 4x dvd+r (CMC MAG F01) in my 708a, the disc can't be read by my Sony DDU1621.  I'm not sure if this is a hardware related issue, or if my DVD-Rom drive needs flashing, or maybe it's something so easy as I'm not burning it right using Nero no clues here :confused:   The disc does read though when placed back in the 708a.  All responses are welcome and I can't thank you guys enough for any help offered.


If you did not already do it: write them at 4x - not 8x.

I’m getting coasters at 8x speed with CMC.MAG.F01 discs, they are better at 4x but still not good.

It seems like the plextor is not correctly tuned for these discs, as the same discs works perfect at 8x in a Lite-On drive.


Hi OC-Freak,

 Funny enough these discs so far turned out exactly like my Verbatim ones where the speed starts at 6x and then drops to 4x.  Coincidence, I don't know.  I also don't know if this is the same thing as selecting to burn at 4x from the get go, but I'll give it a shot.  Thanks for the advice.


Sorry forgot something. I just wanted to mention that burning these does not produce coasters for me, they still read in my 708a, just not in my Sony DDU1621:eek:


Maybe your sony drive is a bit picky? Shouldn’t be…but you never know.

Here is a quality scan of a CMC.MAG.F01 disc written at 8x.


The first red spike is at 8x, you see that drop in errors? That’s where it shifts down to 4x. And even at the end of the part written at 4x there is a second spike.

This disc is not a complete coster as some drives (Like the plextor itself) is able to fully read it back, but some drives like Lite-On LTD-165H DVD-ROM fails when reaching the last error spike.

And just for comparison - here is a disc written at 8x with a Lite-On LDW-811S:


i have recently gotten a 708a and have successfully burned ~10 discs at 8x. All work great in multiple players. oh yeah, I’m also using TDK 4x DVD+R and Nero.


Used alcohol120 to burn a 4x Tdk +r @ 4x (708A) and it succeded.
PLayed fine in a Koss HT DVD player.
Have yet to try it in a samsung unit.

Sure would like to do error checking tho!
I feel like buying a 4x Liteon just to do error checks on 708a burns! :slight_smile:


Thanks All For Your Input,

For OC-Freak, I guess I'll just burn some more, both at 4x and hopefully 8x, and see if there's any difference in performance with my Sony dvd-rom.  Also is there a way to do error checks with Nero?  If I have another question I just may be back for another post.  For old&slow I'm glad you are happy with your discs:) Lastly, for palmdoc do you happen to know the media code of your discs and if they work in your dvd-rom drive in your pc?


Hi OC-Freak

Looks like you were right about burning at 4x speeds.  I tried burning several discs, once at 8x (which actually burned at 8x), again after upgrading to Nero at 8x, and lastly at 4x.  The only one that can be read on my Sony dvd-rom was the one burned at 4x.  Thanks for the help, looks like now I'll be waiting a little bit longer, but least my burns will be more compatible with other drives :p


I burned 2 discs from the same file today. “Underworld” .
On cheap Fortis -R it would start freezing about an hour in.
I did a second burn with Ridata -R and the movie played flawlessly. Of course both were burnt on a Plextor 708A.

I also had an older burn on cheap media from the same files that were done on a Liteon (411 or 811 had em both)
Would not work after 2 minutes
These were all played back on a Samsung dvd player that list DVD - / + r and RW MP3 and so on as being playable.

So take from it what u will!

I do know that some players play everything I burn on or with.
Koss being one! And who woulda thought that cheap old Koss players play all media burnt on all drives, at least that’s what I see!!