Problem reading some DVD

I searched but couldn’t find something simmillar to my problem.

I have to identical Optiarc 7201S DVD-writeres, both manufactured same date, ordered same date.

Even drive K: CAN read all the DVD’s drive O: CAN’T.

For example, I put a dual layer DVD on the thay on Drive K: and it read it fine.

I put the same dual layer DVD on drive O: and I get the message “drive not ready”

Also same thing happen with some single layer DVD, Any ideas?

Othere than that both Drivers read and write fine everything else.

I tried the new firmware, tried to delete and re-install the drive, try to re-install the ASPI layers, but nothing from this help.

Any other suggestion will be welcome.

Thank you.

In my opinion one of the two drive is damaged, or the optical pickup needs some cleaning. Try to clean the “picky” drive, and see if this solve :slight_smile:

Thx for the quick reply geno, but I already try to clean it, forgot to mention it in my previous post. No help

Well if it;s damaged then I keep it as a writer as far as it burn everything fine :slight_smile: And read the most of the DVD’s.

For once I thought could be the media, as there are disks from magazines and newspapers, but then again one can read them the other not ? :confused:

Maybe one of these drives is possessed :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting serious, did you try to install the “picky” drive in another machine? If in the other computer works correctly, then there is something wrong in your computer :slight_smile: