Problem reading Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay

I know that it’s Securom protected but i cant get BW 5 reading the topology info because read errors at the end of the DVD!

BW says: Media Topology isn’t required!

If i want to install from image (DT used) i get a compression error!

“Kompressionsfehler (fehlerhafte Datenquelle): X:\Textures.xca”

How can i convince BW 5 to read the topology information?

You can force BlindWrite reading the topology using BW5Tweaker which you can get at I didn’t have any read errors while dumping, did you check your original for scratches or cleaned it already? Created a succesful backup of this game using this method.

I forgot to say that i already use BW5Tweaker!

Who can help?