Problem Reading On SONYDRU-500A



Hey all, new to the forum just had a question for ya. When I’m trying to rip anything from disc to hd the fastest read speed I could get was 2x. Is anyone else experiencing that problem? I went into the Nero Infotool and my only options for read were 2x and for Write were 4x…but whenever I switch to my Plextor Cd burner I can see all the read options 1-32 and all the burn options 1-40x, so why is the Sony so limited? Is they’re anything I can do to speed it up…ive tried downloading the latest firmware and that hasn’t helped. Plus I’ve had the burner for 2-3 months now and I’ve never gotten a disc to write at 4x, granted I am using Princo media…so that might be the problem right there. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank ya.


The rated read speed for DVD-Video and DVD-R(W) is exactly 2X for this model, so there is no way you can change the read speed unless buying a 16X DVD-ROM for ripping. Scroll down to the middle of the following link to find out the DVD read specs:

The 500A(X) is also nortorious for not writing -R discs up to 4X unless using Sony specified brand names, and Princo is definitely not one of them. If you want to write at 4X, you are better off use the certified 4X +R discs.