Problem reading movies

recently i have had a problem reading movies, cleaned the disc to no avail and these are brand new movies, swapped out different burners, the best i get is about 20% and it stops can not read clean disc, recently on bambi i get a window saying can not play movie parentel settings of this player prohibits play anydvd appears to do a complete scan with no issues, windows xp lite on burners any help out there thank you

Make sure you have the newest version of AnyDVD.
Try to read(rip) the movie to your harddrive with AnyDVD.
First with " Rip Video DVD to Harddisk…" .
If that works CloneDVD2 can still compress it to single layer.
So can DVDRebuilder.

i have the newest anydvd, but i will try ripping it, thanks