Problem Reading from CDR's

Hi all,

Got a bit of a problem. Using Nero I backed up some stuff to 700 Mb CDs. It successfully burnt the data onto the CD and was able to verify that the data had been written. The data written occupied ~ 680 MB.

When I later checked the data it looked as if there was no data written to the Disc. Neither windows (98 and 2000) nor Nero can confirm that there are any tracks written to the Disc. I defintely know something has been written since Nero simply says that it can not read from the disc placed in the CD writer and does not say that it is a blank disc…

I know that the program still works since I used it to write ~50 Mb’s to a CDRW… which could be correctly read by windows…

Help!!!.. Is there anyway of recovering this lost data directly?


did you uncheck the test burn option???

I also believe there is a verify function…burn again and let the data be verified. Also try other media or lower the write speed

You can also try using IsoBuster to try and access the contents on the disc…

Verify worked fine so it must have burnt the data… but on reading the disc by windows or nero (after the disc layout has been discarded) doesn’t seem to work…

Also tried IsoBuster… Another other software that allows the CDR to be directly read… could it be the TOC?

Cheers for the replies.

:slight_smile: :confused: