Problem reading end of disc


i bought a lite on 811s recently and when i make a svcd using nero and a 700 MB cd-rw.the size of the movie is 800 MB which is about 700 MB cd capacity and i cannot read the end of the disc and the movie is stuck. I am using the HSOE firmware whcih came originally with the drive. DO you think it is a firmware issue (drive issue) or it has got to do with the cd.When i burn a dvd it works fine though havent tested it fully. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know if its a firmware issue, but HSOE is a bit old anyway. U may as well update to HSOK (if u use +r more), or HSOP (if u use -r more). Check it then and see if there are any improvements. Failing that, try another disc. I don’t know much about vcds since I don’t use them.

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