Problem reading DVD-Roms on a NEC drive

Hi there,. I’ve been having problems with my NEC ND-4551a drive. It plays most format’s just fine, but some DVD-Rom’s won be recognized by the drive. It just clicks once or twice, but fails to spin or anything, and after a while simply tells me the drive is empty. On some of those it fails to recognise it will work if I just try repeatedly, but on others it fails to work at all. I’m sure the discs I’m using are in perfect condition (tried it on a different comp), Is there any way to fix this?

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How long have you had the drive?

I have a 4551A that I’ve owned for quite a few years now, and it’s one of my pickier drives for reading.

Oh, three years or so, I never noticed any problems for a good long while, but newer DVD’s seem to give it trouble. The current major offenders are the PCGamer cover discs and STALKER call of Pripyat.

Do the discs work OK on a different drive? (EDIT: I ask because I’m not sure if you meant you’d tried the drive on a different comp, or the discs).

If only those discs are affected, I would say it’s either the drive being picky, as I’ve experienced, or the drive showing it’s age (hopefully it’s the first one).

Oh, sorry for not making that clear, I tried the discs, not the drive…
Any solution apparent?

Oh sorry and the latest firmware is intalled, in case that helps.

Firmware shouldn’t really make much difference to reading, it’s mainly to support newer media/include improved write strategies etc. Although being up to date never does any harm :wink:

Only things I can think of, would be to give the problem discs a real good clean, or to maybe try a lens cleaner on the drive.

But personally, I wouldn’t bother with cleaning the lens since it’s just selected discs, sounds like your drive just doesn’t get on with those particular discs.

Of course, an option for the future - should your NEC get stuck on more discs - might be to grab a drive that’s a more tolerant reader (such as a LiteOn or Samsung drive), to sit alongside your NEC.

I’m sure the discs are clean (brand new) so I guess I better get another drive. Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: